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        The Industrial Solutions

        Priver supports industries in the innovation process, encouraging them to adopt cost savings, high quality and reliable solutions to their business.



        Our solutions

        Our expertise and know-how help us to create a winning customer experience: our goal is to integrate modern technologies in every industry thanks to high-tech products, services and solutions.



        Spare parts distribution service, the construction of assembled products or customized items is realized by our specialized technical team, highly skilled in the technologies.


        Our project engineering team designs assembled systems, new plants or renovate old projects by combining motion control and process automation technologies.


        We ensure a final high quality performance and we make sure the construction follows standard operating procedures and current regulations on safety and environmental management.


        Our customers benefit from professional maintenance performed with original spare kits: our workshop is equipped with specific tools for an efficient restoration of the machine.

        Our company

        Since 1982 we have been working to integrate technological innovation in the production cycle of the industries.

        We have been promoting reliable and high quality solutions in the last 40 years, meeting promptly  our customers' requests.

        We are not only a distribution company: our expertise in industrial processes recognizes plant problems and allows us to identify the most suitable solution for every need.

        We quickly analyze machinery problems and provide a specific consultation to guide our clients in the resolution of the problem and the choice of the needed component.

        Our technical-commercial activity started in the hydraulic and pneumatic field, later we increased our services by including an electromechanical and instrumental section.

        In these years we have been working to propose solid solutions to the recurring problems of industrial plants and systems, developing strong partnership with the brand leader of the automation and industrial instrumentation industry.

        Our solutions fully integrate standard operating procedures in relation to quality, safety and environmental management.

        Thanks to the certifications we obtained, our company registered a considerable growth in productivity and performance quality.

        Our company is ready to offer a pre and post-sales professional consultation and have an innovative workshop suitable for every industry needs.


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        Industrial Applications

        Our expertise allows us to offer specific consultation for a wide range of technical issues, to solve all types of plant and systems problems.

        We operate in the main industrial sectors, our highly specialized team guarantees a deepened knowledge of the specific needs of the market. 
        We offer our customers advanced products, systems and engineering solutions within various technologies: 

        Oleodynamic: by creating equipment for the transmission of energy through fluids in power.

        Pneumatics: by exploiting the energy produced by compressed air to allow the operation of machinery.

        Hydrogen: by applying new technologies for the treatment and production of hydrogen, the new energy source of the future.

        Air treatment: by using effective distribution, filtering and treatment systems for a product free of contaminants and suitable in all industrial markets. 

        Gas generation: by producing technical gas for industrial production.

        Electromechanics: by providing devices and systems that combine electrical and mechanical principles to maximize efficiency. 

        Process control and automation: implementing advanced systems to monitor, regulate and optimize production processes.  

        Instrumentation: for the supply of quality industrial components and instruments.


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